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June 17, 2010

Important note on GPLv3

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GPL – General Public License, commonly known as the “free software license” for open source software, is to be carefully understood before using. Here are some important points which I have researched and understood about GPLv3. Developers who would like to use open source software licensed under GPLv3, please read on..

  1. GPL is created to make sure that software are distributed freely for use. However, “free” here does not means it cannot be sold for a fee.  “Free” means “freedom” of use.
  2. GPL’d software will require its source codes to be published or made accessible to the public. If you distribute the software in binary form, you will also be required to provide “equivalent access” to its source codes freely. “Equivalent access” means that if the binary form is provided (with/without a fee), the source codes must be made available too.
  3. You are free to re-distribute GPL’d software for a fee, regardless of the amount. You can also provide any additional services for a fee too. However, if you have modified the original GPL’d software, your “modified software” will be bounded under GPL too.
  4. However, if you are to develop a separate module/extension/system/API which interfaces with the GPL’d software, your “separate software” will not be bounded under GPL. You are free to license it as you deem fit. “Separate” here means that your “separate software” can work independently without the dependency of the GPL’d software.
  5. Nevertheless, you can still make modification to the GPL’d software, repackage it as a product with/without services to it, and then sell it for a fee. However, you must provide access for the customers to the source codes. The catch here is:
  • You can specify that customers have the right to receive the source codes upon request
  • If you are selling it, and the customer has obtained the source codes, he can replicate your product/service easily to compete with you directly

So.. is it really worthwhile to sell a modified GPL’s software? Maybe.. or maybe not.. 😛


June 10, 2010

iPhone 4

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I want it!! I want it!!

I have used the 1st (2G) and 2nd (3G) generation of iPhones and I must say that iPhone is probably the best mobile phone that I have ever used in my life.. (though I haven’t lived for that long..) It do basically everything that I expect from a smartphone (read news offline, surf the Internet, take notes, schedule appointments with reminders, display an overview of my day’s on the top of the screen, transfer files and read them on the move, access emails, etc.). Best of all, you can install games (lots of them are free!!) in it. Although, much of these will require a jailbreak of the phone, but who cares, if it can achieve what I desire..

The touch and slide features of iPhone is really amazing.. It has even set the trend for the other phones – Blackberry (Storm), LG (Joy), Samsung (Jet), etc. Kudos to Apple for it!!

So.. for this new iPhone 4, which is scheduled to be sold in Singapore in July 2010, I am thinking of getting it.. But then again, I have 1 more year before my contract ends with Singtel for my 3G phone.. (Damn it!) So I seriously need to reconsider it again.. Nevertheless, I will be getting it sooner or later.. Either back with Singtel, or changing to another telco.. Of coz, the price must be reasonable too.. 😀

For those of you who is still unaware of the announced upcoming 4th generation of iPhone, you can view the phone and its features here:

June 4, 2010


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Something needs to be done.. We need a revolution!!

  1. Re-org!! Kick out the bums at the helm now.. We need new management to drive us through!! Everyone must know their specific roles and responsibilities!!
  2. Re-plan!! Scrap the aimless crap! Set new realistic short-term and long-term goals! Plan how to achieve them!
  3. Motivate!! Don’t just empty-talk.. Show me the actions.. Show me the money!!

Some men talk their talk.. Some men walk their talk.. I choose to run my talk!!

June 3, 2010

My First Blog

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Well, here I am.. My very first blog.. Writing my own story for myself to read.. hmm.. maybe someone else might be reading it.. but what the hack, I’m just writing out of my head..

It’s late.. shall go sleep now.. We’ll talk again tomorrow.. Nitezzzzz…..

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